WTC Mississippi International Trade Services & Facilities

Trade Information

WTC Mississippi provides up-to-date information about the Mississippi region, including local products and services, market conditions, trade statistics, government regulations and business culture. WTC Mississippi furnishes detailed profiles of local business contacts, including manufacturers, distributors and services providers. We provide various publications such as Trade Lead Bulletins, “Impact Analysis”  a publication on the issues of global business, press releases, and a quarterly e-Newsletter. Also, WTC Mississippi performs market research tailored to specific needs.      

Business Services
WTC MISSISSIPPI  offers state-of-the-art support facilities. This includes video conferencing, internet access, word processing and more. Flexible arrangements for temporary office space, meeting rooms, and translation services are also available.

Trade Education Services

WTC MISSISSIPPI organizes practical, interactive international trade workshops and seminars on key local and global business issues. Networking forums are arranged on specialized subjects and in combination with other educational events to facilitate business contacts.

Conference Facilities
WTC MISSISSIPPI can accomodate meetings up to 50 people on premise.  The conference room is fully equipped with audio/visual capabilities and internet connections.

Private/WTC Clubs
The Capital Club in Jackson Mississippi helps promote business networking by providing comfortable lounge and dining services for WTC Mississippi and their guests. The Capital Club offers private rooms with general office services for various types of business gatherings.  Also, The Capital Club offers discounted rates for membership to all WTC Mississippi members.

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