The World Trade Center Mississippi supports a large and comprehensive professional development training program designed to assist the next generation of internationally focused professionals with business skills.  MSWTC's unpaid interns complete a two - three month (10-20 hours a week) program gaining critical insights into corporate/non-profit management, international business transactions and negotiations, programs and marketing, trade research, and cross-cultural business etiquette.  Mississippi organizations benefit from having a MSWTC trained employee enter a very competitive workplace environment with the skills necessary for success.

We are committed to promoting international trade, investment and tourism through technology and a global network of business, government, and education.

Meet our Summer 2016 Interns!


Kristen Mitchell            Mary Elizabeth Stringer

Kristen Mitchell graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi with B.S.B.A International Business and a minor in French and is now in graduate school for a Masters in Economic Development. 

Mary Elizabeth Stringer is currently a senior at Mississippi College majoring in Business Administration and a minor in English Writing. 


2016 Deadlines:

Interested candidates must apply for an internship by 5:00 PM on the day of the application deadline.
Internship Period  Application Deadline Internship Start -End Dates
Summer 2016 May 6, 2016 May 24, 2016 - August 12, 2016
Fall 2016 August  5, 2016 August 23, 2016 - December 15, 2016
Spring 2017 January 22, 2017 January 27, 2017 - May 19, 2017

Prospective candidates interested in the World Trade Center Intern Program must apply to be considered for an intern position. In order to apply, please contact for an application and submit it with the following in PDF format:

1. Resume
2. Cover letter

***We highly encourage international applicants, but regretfully we cannot help with securing a visa nor cover the cost of the visa. Moreover the MSWTC is not responsible for medical care or insurance.

For more information, please contact the World Trade Center Mississippi by phone or email:; 1-(601)-353-0909



The World Trade Center Mississippi internship provides an overview of international business and the key issues and concerns facing Mississippi companies in the global marketplace. Interns will learn about the local international business community and will gain an in-depth knowledge of key research tools and business development resources. Interns will also have the opportunity to network with local companies, work with the State of Mississippi Office of International Business Development and their overseas offices, and attend World Trade Center Mississippi functions and seminars. 

  • Work at the direction of MSWTC Executive Director and/or the MSWTC Staff to support educational programs, implement special events, and MSWTC’s member trade services.
  • Assist supervisor in implementing marketing plan for all events (i.e. press releases, publicity materials, etc.).
  • Maintain running list of contacts and research sponsorship opportunities
  •  Manage, update, and manipulate databases.
  • Prepare mailing labels, name badges, etc. from existing mailing lists.
  • Assemble membership and seminar informational packets.
  • Assist staff with developing and organizing client files.
  • Assist with the MSWTC Newsletter and collecting and editing news and success stories from the field for use in a variety of purposes and for a variety of audiences
  • Provide website support both technical and editorial, updating content, publishing news stories and other tasks as needed
  • Maintain and administrate social media/networking site(s) information
  • Assist staff with routine inquires from WTC clients and Mississippi companies requesting trade information and market research
  • Work with the Mississippi Development Authority’s Trade and Research Bureaus on special projects as assigned.



World Trade Center Mississippi supports a large and comprehensive professional development training program designed to assist the next generation of internationally focused professionals with business skills. The Graphic Design Internship will involve assisting other departments in a team settings well as working on independent projects.  The selected intern will use computer graphic systems and creativity to develop print collateral, advertising, packaging, logos, branding, trade show support, presentations and premium items.

Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and other design software is important.


  • Work at the direction of MSWTC Executive Director and the MSWTC Staff to support educational programs, implement special events, and assist with marketing and design
  • Assist in producing quality documents meeting corporate brand / image requirements
  • Assist the marketing department with concept development, design, and production of marketing materials.
  • Provide document design and layout to all other departments
  • Consistently apply brand standards to all designs / artwork


Past Interns

Gabriel Prado, Fall 2012 

After completing his internship with World Trade Center Mississippi, Gabriel was hired as the Latin American Trade Specialist with our partner, the Mississippi Development Authority. Gabriel is originally from Mexico and attended Belhaven University for his undergraduate and Master's degrees. Gabriel currently organizes and leads Mississippi businesses on trade missions to countries in Central and Latin America. 

Nathanael Gassett, Summer 2013 

After interning with World Trade Center Mississippi, Nathanael was referred to an open position with our partner, the Mississippi Development Authority, where he was hired as the International Trade and Step Grant Specialist. Nathanael currently serves as the Chairman of World Trade Center Mississippi's professional network, the Young Globals. He works closely with World Trade Center Mississippi to assist in the organization and development of this group. Nathanael is a Mississippi native and graduate of Mississippi College, where he studied Portuguese and Spanish.

Carly Mckie, Intern Summer 2013, WTC Mississippi's Marketing &Trade Specialist Fall 2013- Summer 2015

Marcus Dufour, Fall 2014 and Spring 2014

Marcus began his internship in Fall of 2014 and requested to stay on an additional semester. He is a New Orleans native and recent grad of Southern Miss. He is pursuing a Masters in Business Administration at Millsaps College. During his internship, Marcus contributed articles published in MISSISSIPPI TRADE Magazine and conducted trade research on Mississippi export trends. Marcus currently serves as Chairman of Recruitment for MSWTC's Young Globals Professional Network and has been instrumental in the curriculum development for MSWTC's Global Business Leadership Program. Marcus is interested in international affairs and business, and is interested in becoming an international business consultant upon graduation.

Yvan Nys, Summer 2014

Yvan Nys is a South African citizen who came to Mississippi to study business at Delta State University on an athletic scholarship. Yvan is fluent in Africaans and was a positive leader for international students of all backgrounds living in Mississippi. He assisted in preparing trade research and developing the launch of World Trade Center Mississippi's Global Business Leadership Program, one session of which was on Delta State's campus. Yvan recently graduated from Delta State and is returning home to South Africa to work in business development for an international mining company. 

Gracie Boland, Summer 2014

Gracie is a Jackson native and graduate of the University of Mississippi. Her fluency in French was an excellent resource for World Trade Center Mississippi on several occasions and her previous event organization experience made her a great asset to WTC Mississippi's programs.  She researched and developed a Resource Guide for WTC Mississippi of embassies, law firms, banks, logistics providers, and public relation agencies involved in providing international services to Mississippi businesses. Gracie currently lives in Tours, France where she is working in a teaching position and increasing her aptitude in the language. 

Yuhan (Jacky) Zhao, Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

Yuhan began his internship in Fall of 2014 and requested to stay on an additional semester. He is a native of China and a graduate of Mississippi College, where he received a B.S. in Graphic Design. Yuhan worked in a group setting to assist in designing material for MSWTC's Annual Meeting and Global Business Awards. His skills were instrumental in the layout of MISSISSIPPI TRADE Magazine and his design was selected to be published as the cover of the 2014-2015 issue. Yuhan also assisted in updating MSWTC membership brochures, certificates, folders, and banners. 

Susannah Barkley, Spring 2015

Susannah grew up in Jackson, MS and completed her undergraduate studies at Mississippi State University and Masters in Business Administration at Millsaps College. Susannah's strong writing skills and positive attitude made her an asset to WTC Mississippi and she contributed to conducting and summarizing trade research reports for our members. She also assisted in organizing events and tours for World Trade Center Mississippi's Global Business Leadership Program and WTC Mississippi's Global Speaker Series. 


Margo Kaufman, Fall 2014  

Margo, from Washington state, recently graduated with a degree in International Studies from Belhaven University. Margo assisted in the development of MSWTC's Membership Directory and in organizing MSWTC's export seminars, networking events, and Global Business Awards. Margo also contributed to the success of MSWTC's Young Artists and Authors Global Showcase Competition and wrote articles published in the quarterly newsletter. Margo enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures and languages, particularly French and Spanish.



Julie Robinson, Summer 2015


 Jessie Pope            Danielle Stafford

                            Summer 2015

Melissa Roberson, Fall 2015


Laura Kebert    Ebony  Bingham      Jesse (Drew) Dennis

                                      Spring 2016