Match Making

The Gold Key Matching Service:

Interested in pre-screened appointments arranged before you go overseas?

The U.S. Commercial Service can help you find potential overseas agents, distributors, sales representatives and business partners.Reduce the time and money you invest in locating and screening prospective trade partners.

Spend your time doing what you do best -- managing your company. Let the U.S. Commercial Service arrange business meetings with pre-screened contacts representatives, distributors, professional associations, government contacts, and/or licensing or joint venture partners.

The Gold Key Matching Services offer:

  • Customized market and industry briefings with our trade specialists
  • Timely and relevant market research
  • Appointments with prospective trade partners in key industry sectors
  • Post-meeting debriefing with our trade specialists and assistance in developing appropriate follow-up strategies
  • Help with travel, accommodations, interpreter service, and clerical support

If your schedule or travel budget limits your ability to travel overseas, consider our Video Services. You can receive all the benefits of our Gold Key Matching Services, but meet your potential business partners via videoconferencing instead of in person.

To request this service, contact:

Mississippi U.S. Export Assistance Center 
1230 Raymond Road, Box 600
Jackson, MS 39204

P - 601-373-0773   F - 601-373-0959